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Photography for me, is more than just an image.
It's a snapshot of time. A moment passed that can't be redone. A glimpse into the eyes of time that so many of us crave to return too.  Photography gives us the power to keep our children young, our past loved ones close, our vows immortalized, our love fresh and new. It gives us the power to physically touch the only thing that matters, our legacies. 

Our goal for our clients is to tell your story through images that convey emotion. We approach our work finding the in between moments as well as capturing the beautiful posed shots you love.
My passion and heart is giving people the gift of time immortalized,  to see the smiles and tears, be a witness to those moments, and deliver your most valuable treasure I can offer - your memories. 

Your Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Meet April Elizabeth

A Snapshot Into My Life

There is something about hitting the road with no plan at all that captivates me. Adventuring just feeds my soul. 
I am a mountain/hiking type of girl who loves nature, campfires, and a good cocktail. Add in a sprinkling of friends and I am having the best time of my life. 

My dream is to one day buy the fanciest camper I can and hit the road capturing weddings from state to state. For now, I am loving where I am long as I can get away every now and then!

The Tennessee Mountains, 2022

Road trips

My Favorite Things

Family is my secret sauce. 
I value my family more than anything else in life. 
With four kids and one grandkid I know what it's like to have your cup all the way full....and it's pretty darn special.
My kids are my biggest accomplishment and biggest blessing ever. I am SO lucky to be their mom!

Veda & Mercy

My Family

-Wear an outfit that covers or hides any problem areas you may want to conceal.
-Choose neutral colors, jewel tones, deep tones, muted tones, or pastels.
-Wear solid color tops or tops with patterns that are not to busy. Striped patterns or striped fabric should be avoided. 
-Wear nice shoes like heels or wedges. Men should wear dress shoes or high end sneakers. Boots are always a great option too!
-Get your hair and makeup professionally done if possible. 
-Plan a date night for after your session!


-Wear outfits or fabrics that cling to trouble areas.
-Choose any loud or neon colors. These will cast unwanted tones on your skin and your partners skin.
-Wear distracting patterns or stripes!
-Put on clashing nail polish. Think about colors that will compliment your outfit choices. 
-Wear flip flops, slides, work boots, or workout shoes. 
-Forget your accessories! This is one time you want dress it up a bit.
-Stress, we have everything handled! We will make your session fun and guide you every step of the way.

Do not

Do's and Do Not's